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The agency also reported dramatic declines in critical-type incidents, going from 2,206 for the most recent fiscal year to 293 for the most recent quarter.

The new data excludes major medical incidents, three-day hospitalizations and “operations-related events,” events the commission agreed to eliminate from the reports to focus on what the agency considers the most critical types of incidents.

The recent information, according to the records, include 54 incidents involving aggression, 43 law enforcement calls, 26 suicidal threats, 46 injuries, 37 falls, 11 thefts and eight sexual assaults or incidents.

Until July, the rates of both critical incidents and allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation had been increasing.

8, told House lawmakers earlier this month when questioned about abuse allegations that he looked at 170 such allegations in his examination as inspector general of the provider South Carolina Mentor.“If you look at the ones that are not only not substantiated but without merit, if not vindictive, the numbers would surprise you,” Maley said.

Maley said of 40 to 50 criminal allegations he looked at, in the majority of cases, the complainant “was not well intended” when they made the allegation.

DDSN Commissioner Vicki Thompson of Seneca repeatedly asked officials at this week's commission meeting for the number of substantiated cases but they did not provide the information.

DDSN Executive Director Beverly Buscemi said in July, the agency decided to start tracking the data differently to distinguish abuse from standard of care issues.“Just because there was a big bruise doesn’t mean someone did something wrong or inappropriate,” she said.

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DDSN oversees the care of thousands of people with intellectual disabilities, autism, brain and spinal injuries through a network of county disabilities agencies, DDSN-run regional centers, private for-profit and non-profit providers.

The agency reported three arrests as a result of abuse, neglect or exploitation allegations for the latest quarter but it did not report for the first time the number of substantiated allegations.

“We’re reporting things now that didn’t previously get reported.

We’re trying to make sure that we’re articulating that it’s not necessarily abuse.

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